Get to know Kezziee!

Kezziee Mariee

Get to know Kezziee!


Kezziee Mariee is an internationally published model. After being diagnosed with a rare life threatening disease at age 17, Kezziee felt like it was the right time to follow her dreams completely! And, she was right! Getting her start by posting photos that others would take of her on Facebook, she gained over 100,000 fans worldwide within a year and began her journey in this crazy industry! Just as Kezziee's career started to take off she got too sick to work. She spent the next year and a half planning her #SECRETPROJECT; which will launch March 1st, 2017. March 1st 2016, Kezziee got in remission and has been taking the industry by storm! Shortly after her remission she got invited to compete in Miss Jetset 2016 where she took 2nd place in the state of California. Things have just been getting better since!

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